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Plus of Things

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Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Internet of Things

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Augmented Reality


Prevent Human error

Even the most experienced workers may suffer from an information overload resulting from excessive amounts of procedures to remember and difficulty in identifying the exact intervention points.

Lower Inefficiencies Tools

Use of wrong tools, inadequate training received by technicians and poor to none access to operations’ analytics are some of the most recurring inefficiencies inside factories.

Less Costs Execution

All of the above translates into higher workforce costs due to longer operations, recurring errors and damage to components due to incorrect execution.

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Virtual Reality

Immersion | Interaction | Simulation


The goal of any VR system is to completely immerse the user in a new simulation environment.


Adding in new interaction features can be even more powerful.


Environment simulation to provide powerful industrial user experience.

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Detection | Request | Upload

Device detection

Once the device matches a beacon’s ID with the ID held in the proximity-aware mobile app, it lets the app know that the beacon is nearby.

Permission request

Send requests to consumers seeking permission to communicate with their mobile device.

Content upload

Once the consumer grants permission, depending on how the app has been configured, it will then notify the consumer with an alert on the lock-screen, displaying the corresponding message.

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Internet of Things

Digitize | Industrialize | Optimize


Production processes in all sectors, from high tech to industrial equipment, are being transformed by digital technologies.


Leading companies are already integrating these technologies to improve and evolve pillars of their value chain.


Innovative manufacturers recognize that enhancing the manufacturing process for even simple products presents new opportunities for growth.

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